How can we provide benefits to the students by linking them to the corporates?

Forums IT Education, Skills Development and Establishment of Linkages between Academia and Industry How can we provide benefits to the students by linking them to the corporates?

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  • Hummad Bin Naseer

    They can inspired with future job opportunities or funding that they can get from these companies.

  • Anas Tahir

    My Suggestion is we should have one forum for individuals to exhibit their projects just like what this forum is.
    And that should be linked to the corporate sector and multinational firms.

  • Saman Mazhar

    An online portal is usually available for students to send in their queries, however a separate drop down is suggested for fresh graduates to be aware of management trainee programs and other openings. Online IQ test and personality tests will make the selection process more swift and a quick response time will help in shortlisting candidates – which can help in moving forward either way.
    Also for CSR activities an application process should be considered for students to be a part directly rather through an agency.

  • Midhat

    Training programs, iq test and proper exhibition of the project by students should be conduct periodically.

  • Rasheeque Mallick

    Every universities and institute must have different industries on-board.
    And the best option is an online portal where anybody who worked in some projects can exhibit.

  • Malik Imran

    Internet with help of IT has become triilions of dollars industy. Top 10 companies have names of google n more..
    in Pakistan we have 0 name even in india thousands of portals introduced and helping country in overall financial growth.
    we have to build 100s of things..Proper insitutions in every large city of Pakistan to educate in the areas like Software developments for govt n enterprises secters
    – Mobile Applications Design n Development
    – Web Portals like Alibaba or Indiamart to help local million of suppliers
    – Start other portals for every green area to ease in education
    – Payment gatways Support like Paypal or Alipay
    – Call and give free envoirment to leading ecommerce, sofware and harware companies like Amazon, microsoft, google and ibm ect who are currently operating in India so why not in Pakistan?
    – Pakistan has 10 times more capacity to grow if we compare to India market in terms of revenue in IT industry
    – Provide IT education to students who can run their own business and should have proper prepartion to become enterprenurs and can operate SMEs
    – AI is itself big industry, chip making..thousands of things but Young generation is not aware of it because of lack education system and marketing

    – But none of above thing has been initiated at Govt level. we dont have education institutions that can also give practical exeperinces
    -Internet and IT has 10000s different job natures to pick and to earn.

  • Jawad Naseem

    Through targeted internships within IT sector thoroughly mapped with the curriculum of the educational institutes.

  • Shuja

    By effectively communicating academic skills of students to corporates student enrollment into career jobs can rise significantly.

  • Asad Ur Rehman

    The local industry need human resources (fresh graduates/students) for their growth. Who develop this Human Resources? Academia or teaching faculty. The problem is that this our middle tier (teaching faculty) is weak. We must improve our faculty. They must be exposed with local industry so that they can pass on the knowledge of industry to their students. Currently that is missing in our education systems. Students are not NOT ready for the industry because their teachers cannot pass on that knowledge to their students.

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