What are the hindrances in exporting IT from Pakistan?

Forums Challenges, Opportunities and Way Forward for Enhancement IT and ITeS Export What are the hindrances in exporting IT from Pakistan?

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  • Asad Ali

    Lack of R&D.

  • Sumaim

    For the IT export, we should first generate top quality IT professional.

    Im a student of the local university of Pakistan. What i see is we should have highly qualified trainers and labs.

    And counselling is also the issue.
    Our students dont know much about professional life.

  • Waheed

    Lack of government interest, lack of IT professionals, lack of training of how to handle international client and international markets.

  • Umar Farooq

    Whatever the IT Policy is, please make sure that it is implemented on a very large scale!

    Because people like me from cities like Toba Tek Singh don’t even exist as if.

    Please make sure everyone from around the country benefits from the new policies, even if he does not know how to enrol himself to get the benefits, Govt enrols him by default, as long as it does not cost him anything, and maybe notify him about what has happened.

  • Salman Hanif

    HOW????? Exporting IT needs a policy and implementations for software houses and hardware industries.
    we must cater to our in-house need of IT, then we can think to export. Our needs in Pakistan for IT itself is significant.

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