What is required to change the curriculum of IT? ( from Primary to University )

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  • Hummad Bin Naseer

    The formative year i.e. till 10th it should be same for all. After this level then there should be skill based courses.

  • Asad Ur Rehman

    Important factor in poor quality of education in Pakistan is teaching Faculty. We must improve their skills and their confidence. They are NOT role model for our students because of their knowledge, their behavior and most importantly their status in society. They are bridge between Pakistani industry and students. This bridge is of poor quality and very weak. Must improve our Teachers.

  • Muzammil Mueen

    – Muzammil, Washington, United States

    I did my bachelors from NUST in computer engineering and then Masters in computer science from USA. The difference in curriculum, teacher’s capabilities and its update to the real world was simply matchless. USA curriculum is revised every year and updated regularly to stay current.

    For 1st to 10th grade: There can be a standard course, where students are capable to understand computers and may be introduced to some easy languages like python. Students should be encouraged to look for online resources to gather contents for their assignments.

    For specializations in IT: up till bachelors it can be specially crafted around design & development. students should be introduced to several languages and specially they should be encouraged to leverage the cloud. Most of the business in today’s world is shifting to cloud and there is a need for work force there. Students should also be introduced to subjects like AI, machine learning, big data – which are in demand right now.

    For Masters and beyond: Specialized courses should be created for newer technologies like machine learning , artificial intelligence etc .. MIT and other prestigious institutions share their course content freely and that can be utilized to create curriculum.

    TEACHER’S TRAINING: Teachers should be required to take certain training courses and pass them EVERY YEAR to qualify for next year. It is a must and should apply to all teachers from grade 1 to phd. If that is no done, then no matter what curriculum is selected, it will be of no use.

  • Muhammad Waleed Sadiq

    Our curriculum is too outdated. 2018 is about to end in a few days and still, we are teaching students about old products. If we thoroughly check our 9th standard’s computer book of Matriculation System, we can easily classify that how backward that book is! We are not giving opportunities to our students to think out of the box. We have made them think limited. We have to make them understand that how IT is broad.
    I think we need to introduce basic programming languages like C, C++ in secondary level education. We need to upgrade our curriculum from Primary to University Because if a child knows about Modern IT then he will take interest it in further. We need to revised our courses yearly.

  • Midhat

    Our curriculum is outdated and we need to change it. Our ancestors have been following that curriculum and that is not useful in the current era

  • Anila Zaidi

    ICT integration in teaching and learning is the need of the digital era and we cannot neglect the importance of ICT. The purpose of education is to prepare children for future challenges and requirement, so we should provide education to our children according to the need of the time. Education which help them to become critical thinker, independent learner, decision maker and problem solver. Initially we need to change the mindset of the people about the use of ICT in classroom. Provide ICT based teacher training to the teachers. Availability of the resources, ICT equipped classrooms, gadgets and laptops for the students and teachers. Availability of internet and power resources.

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