Why are e-Payment Gateways not being used widely in Pakistan?

Forums E-Governance and Smart Management Systems Why are e-Payment Gateways not being used widely in Pakistan?

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  • Kashan Naveed Shaikh

    this will improve once paypal service initiated here.

  • Yousuf Khan

    There is a fear of account being hacked.
    More education and awareness is required in this area
    Culture of digital money needs to be further developed in the country

  • Syed Suleman Hasan

    This issue is primarily linked with lack of reward instances for making ePayments. The speed with which mobile top up transfers was channelized in the country, was due to the satisfaction of wide-spread need of such a service. However, neither the banking and telco channels provided any further utility since more than a decade. The lack of willingness of merchants to accept card payments viz-a-viz application of POS acquiring side is just one issue, in larger national schema of things, the right set of priorities and introducing out-o-box rewrd and penalty mechanism would be the way orward to engage the smartphone generation of our emerging populace.

    Why I’m the most relevant? My paper on the subject of “Pakistan’s Digital Payments 2023: The making of a 10x ecosystem” was selected by my employer 1LINK Pvt. Ltd. as the submission to SBP for the formulation of strateic outlook for the newly elected government’s 5 year plan.

  • Saad Anjum

    The electronic payment gateway’s charges are very expensive. The electronic payment gateway has different user interfaces and different terminologies which makes it very confusing for different users who have different backgrounds because of which majority of users prefer visiting bank offices rather than using the Internet.

  • Fariha

    The existing gateway is not reliable or at least that’s what most of the Pakistani citizens think. We need to spread awareness and ensure the reliability and security of e-Payment gateways.

  • Noman shah

    Simple PayPal doesn’t work here in Pakistan. And our finajicial sector is not willing to do the international collboretion. The government can do is that resolve this matter then see what this Nation can rock…!

    Else is all the game of words to play with.

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